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Bin Thinking works with local and state governments, businesses, schools, and communities to create immersive and interactive waste and recycling education in Australia. 


Bin Thinking inspires audiences to take the next step in their waste journey. 


We work with local council and state governments to deliver custom programs, community engagement plans and actions, and communication strategies that educate and engage with audiences. Bin Thinking also engages directly with schools who are proactive in their waste and recycling journey and wish to further develop the knowledge and passion of their students. Bin Thinking also consults with businesses who are interested in auditing their waste and recycling practises, and work together to make positive changes in their facilities. 


Focusing on modern and accessible engagement methods, Bin Thinking has their finger on the pulse with waste trends and developments within the industry, which allows them tap into curriculum being taught in schools, regulation within councils, and best workplace practices. 



Bin Thinking partners with local councils and governments to deliver community engagement and education to improve the habits of members of the public.

Bin Thinking assists in driving awareness, positive behavioural changes, and increase resource recovery within residential homes.


Bin Thinking offers a range of programs to help students and schools improve their knowledge of recycling and waste management.

Bin Thinking offers immersive and engaging sessions tailored to meet curriculum needs, while ensuring students enjoy a unique hands on experience.



Bin Thinking provides tailored engagement opportunities for businesses looking to improve their waste and recycling practices.

Businesses will be guided through resource recovery opportunities, methods to increase recycling awareness amongst staff, and provided with plans to improve waste management habits.


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