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Bin Thinking focuses on providing interactive and engaging programs to schools, community groups, and businesses to broaden their waste and recycling knowledge.

Bin Thinking provides understanding and clarity for those seeking to better understand the processes with the recycling industry.

Through immersive delivery methods, students, community members, and businesses will gain an appreciation of how recyclables and organic material are managed and returned as valuable new products.

Bin Thinking educates children, businesses and the wider community on best practice waste and recycling management, while exploring concepts such as the waste hierarchy, and the circular economy so that we can all work together to build a more sustainable planet.

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Bin Thinking is owned and operated by Cameron O'Malley, an expert waste and recycling educator with more than 10 years presenting experience. 

Bin Thinking was a passion project that quickly developed into a tangible offering that strives to make a difference in the classroom, within community groups, and at work places.  

Cam has worked across a number of different industries as an educator and found his niche within the circular economy world to make waste education transparent and accessible to all. 

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