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$499 + GST first session

$399 + GST additional sessions

2 hours
(Max 2 sessions per day)

Maximum 1 classes
per session

Suitable for
Year 4-12

Dumpster Diving is a practical session that examines the mess a school makes in an elbow-deep dive in all things waste and recycling. What many people think is rubbish is often valuable resources being sent to landfill. This session aims to uncover the contamination within bins/ waste streams that occurs across schools, and how teachers and students can divert resources for a better outcome.

Our team will guide students through a basic waste audit - where bins are emptied and materials are sorted to determine volume and percentages of contamination. 

Gloves, tongs and other measures are provided to ensure a safe, fun, and informative session. Teachers will be provided with pre and post lesson plans and discussion points. 


  • Provide a suitable site to audit waste (ideally a gymnasium or enclosed space with no wind or rain)

  • Liaise with cleaners/groundsperson to have selected bins brought to audit site the night before and not emptied

Upon booking, more detailed instructions are supplied. It is advised to book this session a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to allow time for teachers to organise necessary requirements.

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