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$315 + GST first session

$199 + GST additional session

45 minutes
(Max 5 sessions per day)

Maximum 1 classes
per session

Suitable for
Year 2-3

Hello, Rhys Ikle is an introductory session to teach young students about our kerbside recycling bin and the importance of source separation.


Students will be engaged in an open discussion about their bins at home and school, and will be encouraged to share their experiences with using different bins and witnessing the kerbside collection.


To further highlight the importance of recycling, students will be taken through an interactive story where they will participate in building a real life robot made from recycled parts. The fast paced session ends with a memory card game between small groups to further their learning on recycling, and the impacts on the environment


  • Classroom with ample floorspace

  • Screen and audio support


  • Schools who have participated Bin Thinking's 'Where Waste Winds Up' program 

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