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$499 + GST first session

$399 + GST additional sessions

90 minutes
(Max 3 sessions per day)

Maximum 1 class
per session

Suitable for
Year 4 - 12

Super Soils is an interactive session that will give students a greater understanding of the different methods used to recycle organic material. This program offers two hands-on activities and an educational presentation that will leave students with a well rounded knowledge of green organics recycling. 


After a brief presentation, students will participate in making their own ‘mason-jar compost’ as a small scale example of aerobic digestion. With a Bin Thinking presenter, students will then install a worm farm in school grounds to help divert food waste from landfill. While many may be familiar with a green organics kerbside service, composting and worm farms offer great benefits to households, either as an additional service, or as an alternative option to divert food waste from landfill. 


  • Suitable classroom for mason jar activity, with tech and audio support (eg. art room or wet room)

  • Site for worm feeder installation eg. veggie patch or flower bed



  • Schools who have participated Bin Thinking's 'Where Waste Winds Up' green organics program 

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