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$399 + GST first session

$350 + GST additional sessions

60 - 70 minutes
(Max 3 sessions per day)

Maximum 2 classes
per session

Suitable for
Year 4-12

Waste of Knowledge is an interactive quiz-style session that will be delivered in class to students who already have a basic understanding of waste and recycling. This program is ideal for schools who are proactive in their approach to managing their waste, but can be tailored to suit schools who are only at their beginning of their waste education journey. 

In teams of 2 - 4 student's knowledge will be tested on an array of recycling topics through exciting quiz-style video rounds, picture rounds, multiple choice and more. Through detailed answers supplied by the presenter, students will gain additional understanding of their kerbside bin services. 


  • Classes divided into teams of 2 - 4 students

  • Screen and audio support

  • Writing equipment (quiz sheets to be provided in class) 


  • Schools who have participated Bin Thinking's 'Where Waste Winds Up' program 

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